Chair of Basic Council, bringing teachers of remedial classes together for mutual support and problem-solving; founder of Basic newsletter

Co-founder of "Page to Stage," our annual performance of student writing by students, designed to provide student writers with a real audience

Certified ACE ["Assisting Change in Education"] trainer

Founder of the Learning Skills Center, a resource program for both teachers and students, 1985-1987, designated a "National Center of Excellence" by the National Council of Teachers of English

Teacher-leader in the Illinois Problem-Based Learning Network, developing new training opportunities for Illinois teachers

Member of the Faculty of the Harris Institute for Problem-Based Learning, 1996-1999 and 2001-2002

Author of two textbooks that integrate technology and process writing

Co-developer and teacher of Problem-Based Communications and Technology, a problem-based learning course at West

Director of PBL Collaboration between students and major law firm

Co-founder of PRISM, the Gay/Straight Alliance at Glenbard West that works for all human rights

Collaborator with Special Education Department on creative writing, producing newsletters and an anthology of student work with a signing celebration

Founder of the Glenbard West Tech Squad, a club in which students volunteered to support teachers in their use of technology

After reading the statistics on girls leaving math and science, founder of WIMS, a mentoring program connecting our students with female scientists at Fermilab and with younger female students interested in math and science

Compass Trainer [Glenbard District 87 Staff Development Program]

“Engaged Tech Trainer” for Glenbard West High School, using technology to help teachers build student-centered classrooms and assessment

Certified Palm Educational Training Coordinator for Palm handhelds, June 2003

Facilitator for Palm handhelds and web target (so students could share files from their Palms for collaborative work)

Technology Trainer for Glenbard West, helping teachers integrate new technologies in ways that transformed teaching and learning

Co-developer of sophomore English course designed to teach about social justice and to focus on nonfiction

Facilitator, Illinois Innovation Talent Project, Rounds One and Two, 2008-2012