I have written two books with South-Western Educational Publishing:
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  • Writing with Microsoft Works on the Macintosh
    (c) 1995, ISBN/ISSN: 0-538-62671-2

    ...teaches English composition using the computer. Special topics and activities include: journal approaches; dealing with writerUs block; personal narrative, essay, and newsletter writing; portfolio activities; and, peer evaluation opportunities.
    The writing activities build student confidence in writing on the computer. The writing activities reinforce the planning/drafting/revising process of writing. Clear instructions with graphics make the software easy to follow. An integrated approach to teaching the writing process and word processing. Word processing menu charts in the appendix serve as a quick reference.
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 The Writing Process and Word Processing For Writers Chapter 2 Prewriting Strategies Chapter 3 Drafting Chapter 4 Revising Chapter 5 Editing Chapter 6 Publishing Chapter 7 RDesktop Publishing:S The Next Step Chapter 8 Letter Writing and Microsoft Works Chapter 9 Journal Writing and Microsoft Works Chapter 10 The Word Processor and Other Tools for the Writer

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  • Writing with AppleWorks
    (c) 1992, ISBN/ISSN: 0-538-61214-2

    This text blends instruction in process writing and word processing into one comprehensive, flexible program. Students use writing and computer skills as they are learned.
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